What we do

 Since 2004, Macha Theatre Works Education Program provides two-month play writing and performance residencies in 3rd-5th grade Seattle classrooms. Teaching artists customize lessons after intake with classroom teachers, helping students collaboratively write a play about a content area they are studying. Students then rehearse and perform their original work for their student body and community.

How We Do it

Cooperative learning – Students collaborate to write their play as a whole classroom, with support from our teachers.

Student agency – Through writing exercises, students explore character & identity. Each student's writing contributes to the final script. 

Media literacy, reading fluency, writing standards – These key skills are improved through research into history & current events, social studies curriculum integration, and writing exercises with a play writing focus. Our teaching artists work closely with classroom teachers to integrate age-appropriate skill development into our residencies, helping students meet important OSPI writing benchmarks. 

Respect for student experiences – Cross-cultural competency and reflective practice are cornerstones of our teaching artist training. Macha includes native tongues in scripts when English is new to a student; a proven method for language learning.

Dialogue – Students learn to put themselves in another’s shoes, practicing empathy and conflict resolution through dramatic narrative.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence – Learning with your whole body helps students excel in many areas, bringing out talents that aren’t fully utilized in a traditional classroom setting where aural and written intelligence are emphasized. 

Our partnerships 

Macha can be found in residence at Hawthorne Elementary School and Thornton Creek Elementary School. If you would like to discuss bringing our program to your school, please contact our Education Director, Ann Marie Caldwell at education@machatheatreworks.com

This program is supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission (also known as “ArtsWA”) and the National Endowment for the Arts.