celebrate emerging theater

Macha cultivates new plays that feature strong female characters. Our Distillery series is an opportunity for playwrights to gain valuable feedback from Seattle audiences, and a platform for audiences to help shape new works in process. Readings are free and include discussion of the play with the playwright.

The Distillery is a free series. Donate here to support the development of new work!

Play submissions can be sent to MachaLiterary@gmail.com

The MACHA TEST is a set of criteria we use to determine if a script fulfills our mission to produce Fearless Female Theatre

-Scripts where more than half the characters are female, and/or more than half the lines are spoken by women, and/or female characters are central to the narrative, and/or the script has a female perspective, and/or the story empowers women (and when we say women we mean ALL women: We seek stories that empower and promote POC women, trans women, lesbian/bi/queer-identified women, and woman of all ages, sizes, nationality, religion and ability. We are committed to casting all scripts inclusively).

-Scripts without arbitrary violence against women or abuse of women. If the violence or abuse is important to the narrative, it is addressed directly and intentionally in ways that do not perpetuate rape culture.