announcing the 2017-2018 distillery series:

  • La Grand Fromage by Nicole Aloni, October 24th, 2017
  • Margarita Stands by Lisa Halpern, January 23rd, 2018
  • Veils by Tom Coash, February 27th, 2018
  • Sleep of Reason by Sherry MacDonald, March 27th, 2018
  • What She Means by Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth, April 24th, 2018
  • Sheathed by Maggie Lee, May 22nd, 2018

All distillery readings are held at gay city, 7:00 PM


About La Grand Fromage by Nicole Aloni:

nicole_anloni_031_adj_seamless_inprog_1 (1).jpg

While teaching her class how to make a cheese souffle, world-renowned chef Nicole gets a call, 5 years late, from the Food Network, offering her her own show. This catapults her down memory lane to where it all began. We traverse to acting school and her first restaurant in LA, the french countryside where she worked in a castle, and back again to catering the Academy Awards and the strange requests from starlets and the Queen herself. Join us for this wild romp of perseverance on the rollercoaster that is Nicole's life.

Nicole shows us that no matter what our age, we still have many adventures inside of us, if we are willing to take some chances. 

Directed by Amy Poisson and starring Nicole Aloni. 


About Margarita stands by lisa halpern:

Lisa_headshot .jpg

How do we face our fear and unlock the door to our desired future?

Margarita is a successful inventor and kitchen table activist, but something lurks under the surface of her excellent life that threatens to keep her from living fully. The problem? She really can’t open that door.

A story about love, fear and racism. 

Directed by Victor Pappas, starring Amy Love, Andrew Creech, Jason Marr, Tracy Michelle Hughes, Mona Leach, Angela DiMarco, Kate Wisniewski, Imogen Love.


about veils by tom coash:


Intisar, a veiled African-American Muslim student, thought she might finally fit in when she enrolled for a year abroad at the American Egyptian University in Cairo.

Samar, her non-veiled Egyptian roommate, enlists Intisar’s help in creating an internet blog about the controversial practice of wearing veils (or not), and in hopes of challenging Western assumptions of Muslim culture and bridging the gap between the West and the Middle-East.

As Egypt hurtles toward revolution, Intisar and Samar are surprised to find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter cultural divide. Will the violent events and emotions leading up to the revolution salvage their friendship or shatter it?

Directed by Lia Fakhouri, starring Fathiya Ritter and Alaji Marie (stage directions read by Sherif Amin).


sleep of reason, by Sherry MacDonald:

Sherry MacDonald photo.jpg

Spain, Alley of the Damned, 1826.

Alba, the Whore of Madrid, is on a murderous rampage. She is determined to have her portrait painted to resemble the Duchess of Alba as rendered by the great Spanish artist, Francisco Goya in an attempt to prove she is the issue of these two luminous lovers. But none of the paintings are to her liking, so she slits the throats of their creators, leaving an ever-mounting number of bodies in her wake.

Interwoven with this story is that of Goya himself and his volatile relationship with the Duchess of Alba.

Please join us for a staged reading of this script and a conversation with the playwright, 7:00 pm on Tuesday, March 27th at Gay City. Directed by Jenni Taggart.