by Tom Coash, directed by Lia Fakhouri


Intisar, a veiled African-American Muslim student, thought she might finally fit in when she enrolled for a year abroad at the American Egyptian University in Cairo.

Samar, her non-veiled Egyptian roommate, enlists Intisar’s help in creating an internet blog about the controversial practice of wearing veils (or not), in hopes of challenging Western assumptions of Muslim culture and bridging the gap between the West and the Middle-East.

As Egypt hurtles toward revolution, Intisar and Samar are surprised to find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter cultural divide. Will the violent events and emotions leading up to the revolution salvage their friendship or shatter it?


Fathiya Ritter and Alaji


Lia Fakhouri (Director), Parmida Ziaei (Scenic Design), Sadiqua Iman (Costume Design), Johanna Melamed (Sound Design), Suzi Tucker (Projections Design) and Zanna King (Lighting Design)


November 30 to December 16, 2018

West of Lenin

203 N. 36th Street



by maggie lee, directed by amy poisson

In the aftermath of a devastating war between clans, two swordswomen try to find their way forward in this strange new world of peace: one trying to escape her past, and the other driven by an inherited thirst for revenge. When your very existence is defined by your blade, how do you keep the violence within yourself sheathed? A tale of an unlikely friendship tested by the bonds of honor and the terrible price of forgiveness, Sheathed combines movement and storytelling in an exciting new way to explore the emotional depths of why we fight.


Ayo Tushinde, Sunam Ellis, Fune Tautala, Maile Wong, Natalie Berg, Isis King, Dylan Smith

production team:

Amy Poisson (Director), Anna Ly (Assistant Director), Parmida Ziaei (Scenic & Props Design), Johanna Melamed (Sound Design), Jocelyne Fowler (Costume Design), May Nguyen Lee (Stage Combat Designer), Alyza Del-pan Monley (Movement Choreographer), Alison Kozar (Co-Stage Manager), Kirk Vande Brake (Co-Stage Manager), with original music composed and performed by Leanna Keith (Music Director).


March 6 - 24, 2019

Produced in association with Theatre Off Jackson

Actors Ayo Tushunde and Susam Ellis. Photo by Laura Dux Photography.

Actors Ayo Tushunde and Susam Ellis. Photo by Laura Dux Photography.